The pen tool is mightier than the sword


So you’ve heard a lot of good things about our program, but where’s the proof? It all hides in our alumni that have successful careers in design.

Our grads work for Meijer, Alticor, Hanon-McKendry, and more in places like Washington D.C., California, New York, and Hawaii.

Amber Fritcher (’05), Ashley Meyer (’14), and Anne Sutton(’12)
Working at Herman Miller. Oooh.
Brian Hauch (’94)
Is a Design Strategist with People Design.
Ryan VanDyke (’07)
Works at Amazon as a UX Designer.
Jade Kaufman (’11), Ryan Payne (’09), and Katie Shimmin (’12
Working in Kzoo at Newell Rubbermaid.
Andrew Dull (’99)
Started a small studio with big ideas. Concept A. Katrina Larsen (’08) and John Binagatan (’08) work for him.
Mike Gorman (’91) and Yolanda Gonzales
Started Mr and Mrs.
Steven Joswick (’97)
Working as an Associate at Gensler in Washington D.C.
Nic (’94) and Lori (’94) Mata
Own Workroom Design.
Calvin Carter (’11)
is working at Microsoft in Washington.
Jon Neill (’10), Troy Rojewski (’10), Melanie Ronquillo (’14), and Megan Sullivan Sundquist (’07)
All work for Carnevale.