The pen tool is mightier than the sword

classes: first year

First year students at Ferris State start out taking design classes. We say, “Why wait?” Students initially learn about design by studying the design principles and elements. Two design classes, a drawing class, some computer software classes and a design survey class are taken when you’re just getting your college legs. They’re fun but they’re also a lot of work. Don’t let anyone tell you differently!

Oh, some general education classes have to be taken. Did you seriously think you’d get out of them? Just because we have our students start in design doesn’t mean that you don’t start taking classes in communication, English, and sciences.

Design 1
First class of a two part section where students begin to learn the fundamentals of design such as the design elements and principles. Download a PDF of the supply list for this class.
Computers in Visual Media
Working in the Mac Lab provided, students learn the Adobe Programs such as lllustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.
Drawing for Media Application
Learn some basic drawing skills and how to use perspective and shading in your work. Download a PDF of the supply list for this class.
Design 2
A second part to the Design 1 class. Projects include things like cutting things out with exacto knives, how to simplify illustrations and working with craft.
Digital Illustration and Layout Design
Continue to develop your type and file management skills while learning more about all those software programs. Intermediate page layout for print and web will also be taught.
Design Survey
Learn the history of graphic design. This class takes you back to the beginning where you can find out who does what now.