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classes: third year

So, you’ve made it into the Bachelor program at Ferris State. Congratulations.

Now it’s time to start learning about how you go from the design to the finished product. You start creating pieces that really communicate what the client wants. You learn that there’s a lot more to picking a color than opening up the swatch palette in InDesign.

You’re getting closer to your senior year and some of the classes you take start to get pretty specialized and hard. Just a couple more gen eds to go!

Communication Design 1
Learn to analyze and communicate through expressive design. Exercises will include arranging type, exploring color, and developing imagery as applied to conventional and digital solutions that communicate to a specific audience. Continue to develop and apply your presentation skills.
Production Techniques
Learn the vocabulary of graphic design mechanicals, printing methods, and website development. Emphasis will be on technology, papers, and the preparation for print and web application.
Interpretive Image Development
Research and explore traditional and digital methods for image creation and manipulation for print and digital applications. Conceptual interpretations of image making techniques will be explored and applied through a handmade book.
Interactive Design and Development
This course is focused on the concept, design, and planning of the user experience. There will be further exploration of best practice using current technology. Develop your skills in decision-making based on strong research and user experience design skills.
Communication Design 2
Learn to work on individual and team projects while continuing research, analysis and exploration for advanced information design solutions. Projects will include multi-element campaigns for both print and web.
Production Seminar
This course will expose you to the current equipment and production methods that are utilized in both print and web design professions. Learn these valuable lessons through case studies, guest lecturers, and visits to real live design studios.
Interactive Design Studio
This course examines dynamic media and the demands of graphic designers’ analytical, visual, and technical skills. Through an emphasis on process and collaboration, the class will practice the processes of an interactive design studio as they execute projects.