I wish that wishing would work

faculty: jeff ek

Jeff is busy as the Marketing Department Chair and Coordinator of the Graphic Design Program here at Ferris State. If you've got a question he's the guy to contact. He gets us set up with the labs, schedules, and a million other things. On top of all that he also used to be one of the Graphic Design Professors. Jeff has a Masters in Education and he has worked for the university for a number of years.

Jeff is a nice guy. You’ll meet him first.

This is what we say...

“Jeff was the man I talked to when I became interested in the program. He quickly convinced me that graphic design was the thing for me.”

“As the head of the program, I am sure he’s busy, but he always has time to help students out.”


“[He’s] just as nerdy as us. He’s the only one I can share new technology with, and he thinks it’s equally as cool as me.”

“I think many students relate to him because he has many of the same interests as most current students in the design program.”


“He has helpful advice, he’s very understanding, and is more than just a professor—he’s always got a spare minute and an answer for everything.”