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faculty: kathleen vandemark

You’ll meet Kathleen VanDeMark in your first days at Ferris State. Kathleen teaches the early design classes, including Design 1 and 2. You’ll learn the basics that are the foundations of design through her.

Kathleen’s interests mainly lay around fine arts and you can see that mixed with design when you work on your first projects at Ferris State. If you decide to take Image Making in your junior year, you may actually get to create pieces of art with Kathleen.

This is what we say...

“Kathleen is just that crazy teacher that you can relate to. She’ll definitely expand your mind from ordinary to extraordinary.”

“She really cares about us as people, not just as her students.”

“She’s been a favorite since day numero uno.”


“A real free spirit who offers more of a fine art aspect to design, which adds to the unique variety in our program.”

“There have been times when I come up with an idea that I think is horrible, but Kathleen always sees something good—and she’s right—every idea does have possibilities that can make great ideas, you just have to look at things differently.”


“She is encouraging; I leave class feeling accomplished and confident.”

“Kathleen will teach you the building blocks of graphic design, but she does it in a fun, creative way. She will help you find your creative genius and apply it to your projects.”