Rulers, Exactos, and Paper OH MY!


As expected, there are some things you need to have before you can come to college. Each program also has its specifics in materials needed for each class. What do you need (and don’t need) at Ferris State?

No Portfolio Required

Well, a lot of design schools require you to turn in a group of works before you arrive to college.

You don’t have to do that here. We do not require you to have a portfolio until you decide that you want to get into the Bachelor program after your sophomore year. Release a sigh of relief.

First Year Studio Class Materials

Download a PDF of the supply list for Drawing class and the supply list for Design 1. These lists are subject to change but could help get you started

No Prerequisites

We also let you just walk right into design on your first day here. You don’t have to wait for semesters or even years before you start designing stuff. In fact, it’s quite likely that your first class at college will be a design class!

No Computers Just Yet

Don’t worry about going out and buying a fancy-schmancy new laptop just yet. You’re not required to have one in your first two years. C’mon, we have two Mac labs in the College of Business and Macs residing in Taggart Hall as well as some in the library. Plus, your own PC or Dad’s old laptop will work just fine.