Don’t have a portfolio? No problem


As expected, there are some things you need to have before you can come to college. Each program also has its specifics in materials needed for each class. What do you need (and don’t need) at Ferris State?

No Portfolio Required

Well, a lot of design schools require you to turn in a group of works before you arrive to college. You don’t have to do that here.

No Prerequisites

We also let you just walk right into design on your first day here. You don’t have to wait for semesters or even years before you start designing stuff. In fact, it’s quite likely that your first class at college will be a design class!

Computer Requirements

Of course you want the best, and fastest Mac on the market, but here are the minimum requirements we ask of you:

  • 8 GB RAM, 250GB HD
  • External backup drive of 1TB
  • If you're buying an older/used Mac, you may need to purchase adapters to plug into our monitors in the lab.