Your future is bright


Our alumni work at some of the top companies in the United States. We have a 100% placement rate for graduates who are actively seeking a job upon graduation. Check out some of the places our alumni are working:

  • AKQA, Washington DC
  • Amazon, Seattle WA
  • Atomic Object, Grand Rapids MI
  • Auxiliary Design, Grand Rapids MI
  • Bissell, Grand Rapids MI
  • Box, San Francisco CA
  • Brightly, Grand Rapids MI
  • Carnevale, Grand Rapids MI
  • Concept A, Spring Lake MI
  • DesignVox, Grand Rapids MI
  • Duo Security, Ann Arbor MI
  • Elevator Up, Grand Rapids MI
  • Frederick Meijer Gardens Grand Rapids, MI
  • Gensler, San Francisco CA
  • Haworth, Holland MI
  • Herman Miller, Holland MI
  • HUGE, Atlanta GA
  • IBM, Austin TX
  • Massive Change Network, Evanston IL
  • Meijer, Grand Rapids MI
  • Microsoft, Redmond WA
  • Multiple, Chicago IL
  • Newell Brands, Kalamazoo MI
  • Oneupweb, Traverse City MI
  • Peopledesign, Grand Rapids MI
  • Plastiq, San Francisco CA
  • Square One Design, Grand Rapids MI
  • T.Rowe Price, Baltimore MD
  • OpenDigital, Grand Rapids MI
  • VML, Kalamazoo, MI
  • Whirlpool, Benton Harbor MI
  • Williams Group, Grand Rapids MI

Ryan VanDyke

Currently leading a talented UX team at Amazon Web Services in Seattle. My career began in Grand Rapids (thanks Alison!) where I spent the first seven years predominately at two incredible agencies, Carnevale & Visualhero. Starting out as Mike Carnevale’s first employee, I had the unique opportunity of working closely with one of the luminaries of the field, where I learned an incredible amount about the craft and execution of design, the value of quantitative and qualitative research, and the soft skills of driving a design vision with clients. With Visualhero, I had the opportunity to work with an established & larger team of strategists, consultants, and designers that enabled me to elevate my skills, mentor others, and lead projects. Together they granted me the opportunity to work with a myriad of companies from angel-stage startups to the top of the Fortune 500. After falling in love with the Pacific Northwest in 2014 on a vacation with my now-wife, it wasn’t difficult in making the decision to relocate to Seattle to join Amazon. Since then I’ve driven the creation of innovative and successful shopping experiences that reach across devices and platforms. Most recently I’ve rotated to a new role in AWS to lead the UX for AWS Service Catalog.

"Beyond giving me the foundational knowledge, history, art, and craft of design (and demanding a high-bar at that!), the graphic design program at Ferris granted me opportunity to push myself to explore the future of where graphic design was heading. That drive to learn and experiment has played a large part in enabling me to achieve my career goals."