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Who we are . . .

We’re the Ferris State University Graphic Design Class of 2012. We’re a good lookin’ bunch of folks who like to have fun whilst we get things done. We love learning all we can about design. We take it seriously and know the huge impact it can have if done right. We’re always eager to impress our professors, our clients (yes, we’ve worked with real clients), design professionals, and anybody else we possibly can.

2012 Seniors - Working in the lab

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What It Is . . .

At Senior Portfolio Review 2012, we’ll be showing professionals in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas our graphic design portfolios. The event takes place not too long before we graduate. Thusly, we’d really love if you would share your advice, critiques, and wisdom with us so that we can make them even better before we start applying for jobs.

When It Is . . .

It is Thursday, April 19, 2012 from 2 to 6 o'clock (comin’ up soon).
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Where It Is . . .

Brass Works Building (Suite 109)
648 Monroe Ave NW. Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Portfolio Review Comic

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