Junior project

Spring 2020

Riley Rittenhouse, Emmaline Morris & Lydia McCracken

Our task was to create an app that focused on an education inequality. ADHD is being diagnosed more in high school and young adults, and higher education doesn’t offer as much help with coping as they do when they are diagnosed at a younger age.
Inattention People who struggle with inattention are normally absent-minded, fidgeting or have difficulty focusing.
Memory Issues Memory issues are straight forward, people with ADHD can be forgetful or even have an impaired short-term memory.
Emotional Dysregulation This can be anything from anxiety, depression or even mood swings.
Through research we came across body doubling which is when you have another person near you to mirror being able to focus and accomplish work. Todew is a friend that is with you when you need to focus.
To deal with each of the major issues defined above, we developed an app with three main functions. This screen is a calendar that includes a list of tasks to complete each day, keeping the student on task so that they never forget an assignment.
People with ADHD have trouble focusing on something for a long period of time, so we used the Pomodoro Method and created a timer that would regulate time spent working and break it up with smaller breaks in between.
To tackle emotional dysregulation, we created a mood tracker to make the students more aware of how they’re feeling throughout the day.